My experiences testing MINI's new all-electric vehicle around Long Island
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    Ernest Mason from Yorkshire, UK. wrote at June 2, 2010:
    Sir, You web site is very interesting and the first of its kind that I've seen. I was a teenager when the original Mini came out but I have never been tempted to buy one. However, with diesel at £1.20 per litre, my big Volvo is starting to strain my pension, so I might have to look at something smaller. Many thanks for taking the trouble to inform the rest of us about your experience.
    Jeff Berthold wrote at October 25, 2009:
    Hey thanks for stopping by with the new car today. Very interesting and exciting to see the new technology in action before my very own eyes. Hope to see it again in the near future. Jeff
    David Miller wrote at August 22, 2009:
    Hi! I am Mini E 276 in South Orange, NJ, My cable AND PSEG meter is in (and inspected) and all is great. Will be in Montclair tomorrow for lunch with several Mini E testers - come on over, we can give you a charge to get home.
    Gordon Miller from Pearl River, NY wrote at June 25, 2009:
    Hello Stu -I think I met you briefly at the NYC event? Anyways, I've been driving #217 for a week now, over 300 miles, and so far just 2 brief acknowledgements - so I know how you feel! My guess is that it's going to take a little time for people to realize - for now, they clearly just assume it's a MINI.
    Cliff wrote at June 18, 2009:
    Cliff with #249 here on LI Stop by for a charge (when I get the cable)
    Jade from Newport Beach, CA wrote at June 4, 2009:
    Hi! No. 035 here. We received our Mini-E on Tuesday. Having a blast with it. Our 4 year old daughter keeps thanking my husband for "her car". The car is great and super peppy. Hope you get to enjoy yours soon!
    Jennifer from Westchester County wrote at May 15, 2009:
    Just a quick introduction...Wasn't Wednesday @ the IAC event great? We live in Ossining (just north of the Tappan Zee Bridge) and will be happy to be a 'charging station' with a little prior notice. My husband owns an historic racing car restoration shop ( where we have a dynomometer, so it'll be fun to get the mini on that! We had our electrical inspection the other day, so we are that much closer to the anticipated arrival. Next Wednesday is our scheduled test drive at the dealer.
    Klaus from Westchester County, NY wrote at April 23, 2009:
    Hi, my name is Klaus. Originally, as all Klauses, I am from Germany. I was picked for the Mini E Trial back in the beginning of February.
    ministu from Long Island wrote at April 10, 2009:
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'd like to know who my guests are. Won't you please sign my guestbook and let me know a little about yourself and your interests? Thanks. -Stu