My experiences testing MINI's new all-electric vehicle around Long Island
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  • Tee Shirts. Get Your Tee Shirts…

    Posted on July 21st, 2009 Stu 2 comments
    TwistyBlitz MINI E Tee Shirts

    TwistyBlitz MINI E Tee Shirts

    Now ┬áthat I have a MINI E hat thanks to the folks at MINI, I’m looking forward to getting a custom tee shirt from Robert Ballard at TwistyBlitz. I already have a couple of 3″ badges from him on the back of MINI E 277. One is a plug icon and the other is a gas pump with a cirlce and slash. My car is now getting the attention it deserves!

    I know a lot of MINI E Pioneers have already ordered tee shirts. If you haven’t, please check out Robert’s site. There are quite a few designs and options available as well as specific men’s and women’s sizes. Also note the car number on the sleeve of the long sleeve shirts and the back of the short sleeve shirts.

    Thanks, Robert, for going through the trouble to cater to the Pioneers and sending along the picture of the shirts so I could show them off. I should also add that if you’re among the first 25 to order, Robert will throw in a free badge with your order.


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