My experiences testing MINI's new all-electric vehicle around Long Island
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  • I Need Longer Weekends

    Posted on June 15th, 2009 Stu 1 comment

    It was a fun weekend in spite of the weather. As I mentioned previously, it took a bit of doing to get MINI E 277 to fit in the garage with the charging cord coming from the kitchen. More recyclables went to Goodwill so it’s much easier to get her in now. However, there’s more work to be done.

    Saturday, I gave up on the weather and put 277 on charge from afternoon through the night. So she was up to 100% for Sunday morning. The second and last Sundays of the month from May to October I run miniature trains for the public in Southaven Park. I took 277 there and showed her off to the membership briefly and started running trains. No one seemed notice the car very much as they walked by. Although there were a few glances. I did find out how to get people’s attention.

    All I had to do was plug 277 in and people stopped to look. Some other members fielded a few questions since I was busy running my train. I answered a few and opened the car up for inspection after I put my other toys away. Finally, some recognition.

    Over the weekend I managed to give a few rides. My neighbor kept repeating, “This is the future. They’re all gonna be like this.” My friend at the train club reacted the same way. My mom liked how quiet the ride was. Everyone was surprised at the power of the car. They never thought an electric vehicle could drive better than a golf cart. I also answered some questions from the fellow who brought out my food for curb-side service at Outback. He was bright enough to properly interpret the Mini E logo and asked if it was an electric vehicle. He even peeked out the door as I left, problably checking out how little noise the car made.

    I’m glad I read the Owners Manual because I was suddenly confronted by a chime and indicator light. It was the battery indicator warning me I had 30% power left. No biggie.

    I will need to have the outlets checked in my home, though. The outlet I used at the park had GFI protection. So that settles the theory that the low voltage charger didn’t like GFI outlets.

    Today I get to do my first MINI E commute. That should be fun.


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