My experiences testing MINI's new all-electric vehicle around Long Island
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  • MINI E 277 Is Resting Comfortably

    Posted on June 12th, 2009 Stu 2 comments

    I wish I could say as much for the proud papa.

    277's Scuttle

    277's Scuttle

    I picked up my MINI E today. MINI christened it 277. My friend Raj took me to the dealer but although he road shotgun for a few minutes, he passed on driving the car himself. I then drove to visit friends on the way home but they were out. By the time I got home it was dark and no one was around. So I set about the task of bedding 277 down for the night which proved to be no easy task.

    First I unpacked the charging cord and tried the outlet in the garage. Sure enough, just like Robert encountered, I got a ground fault indication. I pulled off the multi-outlet unit and discovered that my underlying outlet was a GFI. I tried the outlet in the bathroom just inside the garage door. It showed a ground fault without a GFI. I grabbed a tester and confirmed that a ground fault is indicated. So I moved to the next closest outlet in the kitchen. Bingo! I got a winner. However, I’d have to back the car into the garage to have any hope of the end of the cord reaching the car’s socket.

    I had to rearrange some things in the garage but I finally got it all hooked up. I still have some… I’ll call it stuff… that has to be trashed and I need to put what’s left up on shelves. The good news is that 277 was easy to maneuver into place. I’ll have pictures of the tight fit tomorrow.

    I only put about 30 miles on 277 today which is about my normal day’s commute. If I get a full charge tonight, I should have no trouble using the car every day in spite of the lack of a high voltage charging cord.

    As you might expect, I loved every one of those 30 miles. I went most of the way in silence with the wildows open. I don’t think anyone noticed the car was unusual. We’ll see what happens tomorrow when friends and neighbors get to see my 277.


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