My experiences testing MINI's new all-electric vehicle around Long Island
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  • Another Step Closer

    Posted on April 26th, 2009 Stu No comments

    Well, Step 2 is complete. I just had my electrical inspection today and I’m go for launch. It turns out that 150A service is sufficient and my circuit box will allow a breaker to be split so no additional box is necessary. The charging station will mount right beside my existing box.

    Now I have to double my efforts at cleaning out the garage. I’ve gotten about half of the garage cleaned out. I still have several trips to Goodwill ahead of me. It’s great that they recycle unusable electronics and reuse the reusable. I figure I have about another month before the car arrives.

    The next step is for BMW to approve the electrical work and send me a contract to sign allowing the work to be performed. This will be followed by whatever my town requires regarding permits and inspections.

    In the meantime, MINI invited me to a get together in New York on May 13 to get better acquainted with the car. What I’m really looking forward to is meeting the other people crazy enough to participate… I mean eager to be pioneers for the MINI E Field Trial.

  • New York International Auto Show

    Posted on April 19th, 2009 Stu 2 comments

    MINI was nice enough to send me two tickets to the NY International Auto Show. I went after work on April 15 and got my first up close and personal look at the MINI E. You can click on the photos to see them full size.

    Me in the driver's seat of the Mini E

    In the driver's seat of the Mini E

    The car was getting a lot of attention at the show. Visitors were allowed inside and were able to open the rear hatch but were not allowed under the hood. That is because of the high voltage control box located there. I had a nice chat with John Genese from Prestige MINI of Mahwah, NJ. He said this was the first one he’d seen as well. (My dealer is Habberstad MINI in Huntington, NY, by the way.)  Apparently, this is the only one to visit the east coast.

    It’s not one of the cars in the field trial as evidenced by the humongous lettering on the side. Those cars won’t have it but John said it can be applied if desired. With all the money I’m spending on this lease, I think I’ll pass on adding custom lettering.

    Here are some more pictures from the show. I’d like to thank my friend Raj for snapping a few pictures of me with the MINI E. I’d also like to give honorable mention to Nik Software for their Photoshop plug-in, Viveza. Without it, you’d never be able to make out who was in the driver’s seat at all.

    Mini E with the Door Open

    Front View of the Mini E

    Chatting with John

    Me Behind the Mini E

    Not the Roomiest Trunk

    Mini E Instrumentation

    I’m now looking forward to two events. My electrical inspection is scheduled for April 25 and MINI invited the east coast “Pioneers” to an orientation meeting in New York City on the evening of May 13. We’re supposed to get an introduction to the car at that time and it will be my first opportunity to meet the others involved in the field trial.

  • Mini E Photo Gallery

    Posted on April 13th, 2009 Stu 5 comments

    While I was strolling around the Web this morning, I came upon this nice gallery of Mini E photos. It includes many sizes to download if you’d like the Mini E to be your wallpaper. Enjoy!

  • Why Is This Car Different?

    Posted on April 12th, 2009 Stu 2 comments

    It’s Passover; a time of celebration and questions. As BMW tries to play Moses and lead the Mini E’s out of storage, I thought I’d answer a few questions that others have been asking about my participation in the field trial.

    Why is this car different from all other cars?

    Other cars use gasoline or a combination of gas and electric. The Mini E is all electric. I’ve been curious about electric cars for some time. Read the rest of this entry »

  • My Garage

    Posted on April 10th, 2009 Stu 3 comments

    One of the requirements for inclusion in the field trial was a garage to house the Mini E. Well, I do have a garage but it is a Long Island garage. That means it is an above ground basement. Most cars in my area have never seen the inside of their owners’ garages. A Long Island garage is used for storage. Some, like my neighbors, has a long, thin oil tank along one wall. If they’re lucky Long Islanders have a place to walk through the garage but that’s about it. Mine is no exception. Read the rest of this entry »